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OKLAHOMA CITY – Dr. Glen Orr is still a large animal veterinarian but, if you’ve been to the Orr Family Farm or watched this segment, then you know it’s a lot more than just a place to board your horse.

So, here was Glen just a few days back hitching up a whole building, a bakery no less, to his pickup truck for a unique ride to the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

“This is about 20,000 pounds,” he chuckles.

So, what is the energetic 85-year-old animal doctor up to now?

He’s baking cookies, that’s what.

“That’s right. It’s a bakery,” Orr said. “We have two double convection ovens in there, two big mixers.”

You don’t move a whole building or even half a building without careful planning.

Orr and his crew worked all winter to construct it and then make absolutely certain it would make the trip in one piece.

It did but not without a few mishaps.

“We had all kinds of breakdowns,” he laughs. “Flats and all kinds of stuff.”

Orr heard about another successful cookie operation in Minnesota and imported their model based on his own love for cookies and cookie dough.

“We have four flavors,” he said.

On a clear Friday morning, one half a building in place, he passed out some cookies, dough and ice cream as a proper christening for his newest venture into other, greener pastures.

“An 85-year-old decided to give it a try and see how it worked,” Glen said.

At 85, he’s still hungry, and his Orr Farms still isn’t afraid to diversify.

The Orr Farm’s cookie bakery is set up in front of the Norick Arena at the fairgrounds.

They’ll be up and running every day the fair is running.