OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A quick drop-in on Thursday revealed a lot of interesting art in various stages of set-up or suspension.

Program and Exhibition Manager Keri Smith walked quickly around the large, improvised gallery to show off a few of the more original pieces of art made by young, Oklahoma creators.

“So this show targets artists 30 years old or younger; we try to keep it pretty vibrant, pretty eclectic,” she explains. “There’s no theme for the curation.”

Unique doesn’t begin to describe a piece called ‘Scribble Scribble’ by Coleen Sovick, which makes its own art.

Smith demonstrates on three wooden boxes connected to wires and machinery.

“You push the buttons and it will doodle or scribble.”

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The Momentum art exhibition features eclectic art from artists under 30.

Or an immersive piece that uses two different projectors on one screen.

Smith continues, “Then viewers will put on these headphones and listen to the accompanying audio.”

Chelsea Becker from Tulsa didn’t actually bring in a broken down Volkswagen Beetle, but her sculpture makes it look like she did.

“It’s on cinder blocks. It’s not running,” Keri says. “The idea is that it’s kind of rusted and worn down.”

One of the Spotlight Artists this year, Carrie Kouts, fashioned her art for this show by using concrete curbing.

“This one is cool,” points Smith, “because she used reflective paint.”

There are paintings here too, but each carries something unique.

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Shyanne Dickey’s art is on display at the Momentum art exhibition.

From a distance, Shyanne Dickey’s portraits of her family look colorful and inspiring.

Look a little closer and the viewer can spot little bits of history in mosaic.

Dickey descends from the Exoduster Movement of the late 1800s.

Her family still farms north of Dodge City, Kan.

“And this is all their history,” says Dickey.

The Momentum show has been showcasing young artists for more than two decades now, trying to give them a leg up in a difficult, often competitive field.

If you’re tired of typical museum settings, this one might be for you.

There’s something unexpected on every wall and around every corner.

“You’ll just have to be surprised,” Keri Smith says with a smile.

The Momentum show takes place Friday, March 25 through Sunday, March 27, 2022.

For tickets or other information, go to www.ovac-ok.org.