Mowing lawns for new legs: This OKC Metro lawn service sets a worthy goal.

Great State

DEL CITY, OKLAHOMA — He was down to one walk behind mower on a hot Tuesday morning.

Ron Horton forgot the key to his riding machine, but there was a job to do so he pressed ahead just to get the front part of this yard finished.

“I chose landscaping because I know I can do that,” he says confidently.

Welcome to the full-time world of Crazy Leggs Lawn Service and the one man operation in a race to cut as much grass as his own legs will take.

He states, “I can almost master anything because I try.”

He’s been on this set since the Spring of 2012.

He can tell they need replacing.

“My feet were about to crack,” says Ron.

Later on at home, he points out the extra socks he has to use to make those old sockets fit.

Horton says, “You’re supposed to get new prosthetics every 5 to 7 years.”

Ron was two months past his 18th birthday when he came down with meningococcal meningitis.

A blood infection forced doctors to amputate both legs below his knees and most of his fingers.

“They went rotten,” he says holding up his scarred hands, “They all ended up like this.”

He spent two years in hospitals and rehab.

A dream of playing in the NBA shattered, Ronnail got into the weeds of his own life, first drugs, then a stretch in prison.

“I chose the wrong route then,” he admits, “but I tried to make better footsteps in life as I got older.”

But landscaping was something he knew.

Friends and family got him used equipment, and Horton figured out the rest.

He knew handouts weren’t for him.

He realized that only honest work would see him to his goal.

He placed a sign on his trailer and put out word on job sites trying to raise what he figures will take about $30,000 to get himself new legs.

“I get tired and my sides hurt a little,” says Horton as he takes a break in the hot sun. “But I gotta keep pushing.”

The landscaping business requires good equipment, smooth motors, sharp blades and, in this case, good legs to make everything else go.

“I’ll get the job done.”

You can find out more about Ron and his business on his Facebook page.

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