OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – From the outside looking in, the sign says Boiling Point Media, a local marketing and movie making studio on the Northwest side of town.

But it’s also a place where the movie making part of the operation just got a big boost.

“So this is Boiling Point Media’s new Volume Virtual Production Wall,” describes Director Ryan Bellgardt as he walks into a large room with screens and computers on opposite walls.

He and other members of his team want film makers and audiences to expand their minds beyond the old green screen to a virtual world where anything is possible.

“We’re able to put actors in a virtual environment. Then it appears on screen like they’re actually in that world. It’s pretty cool.” Bellgardt continues.

Film makers at Disney Television started doing this kind of work a couple of years back. That’s where Ryan noticed it first.

“I was watching ‘The Mandalorian’ on Disney Plus.” he mentions.

He started experimenting in his office at home combining all kinds of tech.

“You take something from a VR headset and some video game development software, and a camera, and you can do it.”

The new, virtual studio, now in place, doesn’t just put the actor against a backdrop. They’re in the scenery, in the right lighting, no green reflections to fix in post production.

“It’s also kind of cool for the actors,” Bellgardt adds, “to be on stage and see where they are.”

Markers in the ceiling help keep camera and actors in the right spots.

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Film makers at Boiling Point have already used their virtual environment in a movie called ‘Jurassic Pet 2’.

These films get an international release so you won’t see them on any Oscar lists, at least not for now. But Bellgardt says he, and others, can dream bigger now.

“One of the things we wanted to accomplish with this was to be able to provide this tech to film makers that might not have these giant, Hollywood budgets.”

Movie magic on a budget is what everyone does, from the biggest to the smallest. Just imagining what you can really do with something like this might be the hardest job of all.

“Are you having fun in here,” we ask?

Bellgardt answers with a smile.

“I’m having a blast.”

For more information on Boiling Point and their projects go to boilingpointmedia.com.

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