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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The word ‘pub’ comes from the term ‘public house’.

Sean Cummings built out his place with family pictures on the walls.

His father and mother were both born in Ireland.

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Feeling Irish at Sean Cummings’ Irish Pub.

His cousin runs a pub a lot like this one in Bullain, Ireland, near Galway.

“So I feel at home here,” he says. “I like the way the whole thing feels.”

He worked restaurant jobs growing up and ran a few other places in town over the years.

But the dark, homey, little hole-in-the-wall is the kind of place that always suited him best.

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Sean Cummings serving up fine Irish food.

He continues, “I like the fact that we’re so small and intimate that only a few people can get in and, honestly, a lot of them stay for hours and hours.”

Sean already knew the easy trick to warming up corned beef.

“Drop it back in hot water,” he advises.

He also knew the best recipes for ‘bangers and mash’ because he was born to it.

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Bangers and mash

Describing the sausages that sit atop a generous helping of mash potatoes and gravy, Cummings says, “They were called bangers because they had so much meal and water in them that you’d put them in oil and they’d pop.”

Cummings is always easy with a laugh and a splash of Jameson over ice.

The beer in his place is brown like Guinness, never green.

If you fancy Irish whiskey, he serves a little Tullemore Dew, Hell Cat Maggie and Clontarf to drop a few.

The football is European (soccer).

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Lively melodies being played at Sean Cummings’ Irish Pub.

The music list is more ‘Heave Away the Johnny’ than Jon Bon Jovi.

They had to pinch some penning last year just like a lot of small businesses, but they still had enough left over to put in a new penny bar top.

“It’s a penny-demic,” jokes his guest.

“Ooh. He chuckles. That was good.”

“It’s going okay,” he continues. “We’ll probably still be here in a year or two.”

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If it’s lucky to be Irish then Sean Cummings’ Irish Pub might just be the luckiest place on Earth.

Every St. Patrick’s Day he invites a lot of groups like Pierce Heart to play a set or two, and to share a little Irish good cheer including nitrogen bubbles, juice of the barley and an older, quieter good time.

Sean Cummings’ Irish Pub is located at 7628 North May Ave., in Oklahoma City.

For more information on events happening there, go to