OKC couple ran a combined 168 miles on April 19th for their own ‘Run to Remember’

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — They really were ready, or at least Mike Sullivan was.

He and his wife, Cathy, are what you call ultra-marathoners, veterans of races much longer than the usual marathon distance of 26.2 miles.

So Mike had a plan to run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon course four times on race day.

“I was going to do that on Sunday,” he confirms.

When organizers re-scheduled, Cathy helped him figure out how they could both do their own ‘Run to Remember.’

“I told Cathy I was just going to run 100 miles on the 19th,” he says. “Then she said, ‘I think I’ll just run 68 miles on the 19th.”

Cathy admits, “I had no plans to do any of that with him.”

They started at just after 4 a.m. on April 19th.

The Sullivans ran a course that took them on a mile long circle around their neighborhood.

Added together, their combined miles would get them to 168.

Every 20 miles, they would stop and read a partial list of names from those lost on April 19th, 1995.

Mike and Cathy broadcast their stops on Facebook Live.

They had a little trouble with some of the technical aspects of their show, but you got the idea.

A few friends even stopped by to run part of the way.

“The ultra-runners’ mantra,” says Mike, “start slow and finish slower.”

As the hours and names ticked by, so did the miles.

Some of those miles were tough as were some of the names they had to read.

Cathy says, “It really brought a poignant sense to our run.”

It took them 25 hours, 39 minutes to run a combined 168 miles.

Their ‘run to remember’ took them on a journey they say the’ll never forget.

It was just around the neighborhood but through a quarter-century of history they just couldn’t leave out.

For more information on Mike and Cathy’s 168 mile run to remember, visit Facebook.

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