OKC kids on MLK: A poster and essay contest that reveals universal truths

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – How do you divide your time and what does that say about where your heart is?

Olivia Gaston’s 4th grade teacher posed that question one day last year.

If she had 40 minutes to honor Martin Luther King and his legacy what would she do?

Her essay reads, in part, like this.

‘Martin Luther King was a very great man. He helped millions of people to treat others the right way.’

Olivia says of her essay, “It didn’t really take that long because I was already brainstorming some ideas.”

Every year the Oklahoma City MLK Holiday Coalition sponsors a poster and essay contest.

Herbie Logan had his mom take some pictures of him helping out at church like cleaning up the Sunday school room.

He thought about King’s messages on equality as he put this poster together.

Logan says, “Why I wanted to do it is, Martin Luther King fought for equal rights for all.”

Tally Glover put together memories of family trips to see museums and memorials dedicated to Dr. King.

She says, “I was taught that it’s important to be kind to everyone, and that it doesn’t matter what race they are.”

Tristin Kennedy made a poster too, filled with the quotes that inspired him and millions of other Americans.

“My mom helped me find some of this stuff,” he says.

40 minutes.

What would you do?

In her essay Olivia divided hers into helping the homeless.

‘If they need food I would feed them.’

Giving confidence talks to victims of bullying.

‘No one should ever make others feel bad.’

And picking up trash.

‘People need to feel better about where they live.’

The posters create the same equation.

It’s simple math that equals a universal message.

‘Martin Luther King was right when he said we were better together. When we help others, they, then will help others.’

For more information on the MLK Holiday Coalition, click here.


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