OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It is a quiet, rainy, gloomy evening in late October.

Almost all the lights are out at the old Union Station – in a park setting now, decades removed from its days as the city’s hub for Frisco and Rock Island railroad passengers.

“The station saw its first passengers in 1931,” states Park Ranger McKenna Glenn, “and its last passengers in 1967.”

But on select evenings all month, park rangers have been willing to stay a little late to tell the station’s colorful history, and to relate a few stories that fall outside the facts etched in limestone.

“The outside walls are made of limestone,” smiles Glenn, “and they say limestone is good at holding spiritual energy.”

Glenn walks us through part of the old waiting room, a once huge room now filled with offices, but soon to be restored to its former glory.

She continues, “The park has acquired the station from the city so we hope to start renovations soon.”

Ranger Kasey Meek takes us a little deeper to the old passenger tunnel entrance and beyond.

“It’s definitely spooky in here,” she admits.

There are stories that have circulated for years now of a woman seen waiting nearby.

Meek relates, “One of the overnight guys told me he heard a woman giggling.”

Police even chased an apparition in here, only to come up empty.

“One guy went one way. Another guy went the other way to intercept her. When they got there, she wasn’t there.”

We look even deeper still, past where most tours are allowed to go, through a side door and into another space that used to house the freight elevators.

“We don’t usually have this area open to the public,” cautions Meek.

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There are plans to turn the Union Station back into a gathering place for events.

These tour guides and some others who walk these halls argue it was never completely abandoned.

For more information on Union Station and other assets of Scissortail Park, visit the park’s website.

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