MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) – Comic Andrew Rose can be hard to catch because he’s on the road far from the comfort of his mother’s big kitchen most of the time.

But he’s always good for a laugh.

If he has a spare moment, Rose is still scribbling observations and potential jokes into a notebook. He’s mulling over a recent experience while driving out of state.

“I got pulled over by a beautiful cop,” he tells us. 

Then imagines saying, “Thank you for the ticket. Are you free on Tuesday?”

The rest of his time is spent booking gigs or taking the mic all over the country.

A recent circuit sent him, “All over Colorado, Utah, then Montana and South Dakota.”

“July 24th until about 4 days ago,” he figures, “I put about 9,000 miles on my car.”

It was 2019 when we first met Andrew at his dad’s house on a visit home. At the time, he was working the grill at a Wahlburger’s Restaurant in Los Angeles, sleeping in his car, and dishing out comedy at local clubs.

The Covid 19 pandemic forced him home for a while.

“I had to crash at my dad’s for a month,” he says.

He took a job taking temperatures at a Covid clinic, played video games, then got a better job in IT. But he couldn’t squish the comedy bug no matter what.

Andrew admits, “I did miss it after a while.”

The book on humor is still open. New material includes his extended family, nurses and uncles these days.

“Your parents teach you what the world is,” he quips, “But your uncles teach you how the world is.”

He still lives out of his car while on the road. But he insists his act has improved and the dream didn’t die.

“I haven’t reached a peak that I’m happy with yet,” he says.

Andrew Rose isn’t a full-time headliner just yet, but he’s working on it. After all, the only real classroom for comedy is on stage.

Rose insists, “Comedy is the only thing you have to have an audience for.”

An advanced degree in comedy requires suffering for your art.

“With a minor in chuckles too,” he laughs.

Andrew Rose will be a headliner at a local standup show at the Bricktown Comedy Club on October 1, 2023.


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