Oklahoma company doubles online sales by adding a little kindness to every box

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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) — 2019 was such a good year.

“It was the golden goose egg,” says Andrea Fredericks.

The Salt Soother company, basically husband Bill and Andrea and their extended family, sold more bath products and body cleansers than ever.

Bill describes, “We have 15 family members who make the product in their garages.”

So 2020 started with making a lot more of their product lines.

“There are ten different fragrances,” he continues.

They ordered more salt and essential oils, all they might need for traveling to state fairs and trade shows across the country.

Then, in March, the cancellations began.

“300 events,” say Bill and Andrea, comparing last year’s number of shows.

Sales halted, travel stopped, and all that salt on hand was about to really sting.

So what to do?

Well, the Fredericks decided to spend a little more and add a little more soothing in their mail order packages in the form of free face masks, and even PPE headwear to those who needed it.

The thanks and goodwill poured in.

Bill recalls, “The word got out that we were doing this and about the product. All of a sudden, the sales started coming in at that point.”

To be fair, the face mask ‘prize in the box’ wasn’t the only thing they did.

Andrea got busy on social media making cool videos with her cell phone and posting them to Pinterest and even TikTok.

“Guerilla marketing at it’s finest,” chuckles Andrea.

The in-person business kind of fell off like dry skin, but when they crunched the numbers…

“In the last two months, we’ve sold as much as we did all last year on the internet,” Bill says of online sales.

Bill and Andrea spend a lot more time at home these days but they’re still working.

They’re still sending out masks with every order and they’re both hoping the trade show business might pick back up.

2020 won’t break any overall sales records.

In fact, they say it’ll be nice to wash their hands of it by the end of December.

But what’s left, like their product, leaves a pretty good feeling.

Salt Soothers is still a viable business which doesn’t sting a bit.

Andrea started Salt Soothers in 2004 while she was still a finance major in college.

Bill is a former Marine Corps recruiter.

For more information on Salt Soothers, go to their website.

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