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GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA -- If you're wondering how film makers chose this house to make their movie, it's pretty simple.

Producer Jeff Robison and director Blake Robins were just driving around.

Robison says, "The owner, she let us in. Blake fell in love with it."

So they've been here for a month now.

The crew was just finishing up a few loose ends while we were there shooting, simple stuff like actor Bonnie Bedelia driving up to the house and walking in.

They shot another quick scene of a girl drawing chalk art on the sidewalk.

But even those jobs require a lot of crew, a lot of equipment, changes to the house, a script supervisor, and two writer/producers very glad to shoot close to home.

Twenter says, "We make movies in our back yard because we want to make movies with our friends."

Robison continues, "We're fortunate to film everything in Oklahoma so we get to go home at night to our families."

The movie is called 'The Scent of Rain and Lightning'.

It's a mystery Jeff Robison and Casey Twenter adapted from a book a few years ago.

These guys wrote another movie called 'Rudderless' that shot in Oklahoma City a couple of years ago.

Now they're back and even more involved than before.

A visitor to the set asks playfully, "So it's, 'yes Mr. Robison.' 'yes Mr. Twenter.'"

"Um," replies Twenter. "No one really shows us that much respect unless it's pay-day."

Of course it's a pretty big deal for everyone on set when a local TV personality shows up.

Robison introduces me as Mr. Culver to a member of the crew.

"Who?" is the response.


The shooting schedule for this crew, four weeks, six days a week, most of it right here.

Movie magic brought to you by a couple of Oklahoma writers and a crew of Oklahomans happy to be here too.

"The Scent of Rain and Lightning" is due for release in 2016.

For more information on production and stars go to their page on facebook at Scent of Rain and Lightning.

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