Oklahoma grandpa says sitting around and growing old is ‘for the birds’

Great State

BETHANY, Okla. (KFOR) — It’s been a while since George Keyser’s family raised chickens in this building.

They had 500 when he was a kid. His mom sold eggs off the back porch.

“Back then, it was still only 60 cents a dozen,” he says.

There are still a few chickens on the place.

The big truck garden is mostly gone, but that doesn’t mean George isn’t still interested in birds.

He points, “Right there was the old tomato patch.”

Growing up with a hoe in his hand, or a hen, George learned to work hard to the point that he never liked just sitting still, or wasting anything either.

“I always did like having something to do,” he admits.

He laughs, “I don’t like throwing anything away. That’s why you got all them scraps in there.”

His son-in-law owns a fencing company and had truckloads of scrap cedar laying around.

The lumber proved to be the perfect material for new houses, bird houses.

“If I stayed at it, I could probably make two or three of the small ones a day,” he estimates.

George hung a few of them outside the old chicken house.

“By golly! And I just put that guy up!” he exclaims.

His son-in-law sold a few at work.

The really fancy ones never saw the outdoors at all.

From the hand-made cedar siding to corrugated soup can roofs, he made sure the craft store birds he bought to perch on them would never make a mess.

George says, “They might take a week to build.”

Keyser has a baker’s dozen grand kids and a couple more great-grandchildren.

The old garden isn’t five acres any more but he’s still busy, always.

The houses keep coming as long as there’s lumber to make them.

Keyser’s son-in-law owns Fence Masters in Oklahoma City.

Both he and George have tried to sell a few bird houses on Ebay but they’re talking about throwing them in with every new fence job they build.

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