OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The excitement palpable, the buzz audible at Flix Brewhouse on a Wednesday night as cast and crew of a new motion picture gathered for its premiere.

Directors, actors, producers, even camera guys like cinematographer Andrew Smith, who admitted, “This is my first feature length film as cinematographer.”

They were all on hand to promote ‘What Rhymes With Reason’, an 8 year project brought along to fruition by Director Kyle Roberts and screenwriter Sean Thiessen.

“This film is a mental health piece,” describes Roberts, “Coming of age, teen, adventure, drama.”

“The trick,” with writing this film, says Thiessen, “was not trying to get answers but posing questions.”

Move past the elevator pitch and this movie is an ambitious project, an adventure story and an exploration of how difficult it can be to grow up in the age of often ravenous social media.

One of the film’s lead actors, Gattlin Griffin, can definitely relate.

“I’ve had my bouts with depression and anxiety,” he said, “and so I really connected with this right away.”

The movie shoots took crew members on a scenic tour of Oklahoma as well. Over several weeks they hopscotched between Turner Falls, Mount Scott, and some other places not indicated on a state map.

Actor Giselle Torres, from New York, says she had a blast looking around while she worked.

“This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a film,” she gushes.

A premiere like this is always a good publicity kickoff. The people who make it get one final look before they release it to the paying public.

That this film comes with a message helps too.

Director Roberts explains, “Our whole approach, from day one, was to earn the right to be heard by teenagers.”

There are lots of words that ‘rhyme with reason’, but the best one might make for a successful movie ‘season’.

‘What Rhymes With Reason’ gets its Dead Center Film Festival debut Thursday, June 8.

For a schedule of films showing at Dead Center this week go to deadcenterfilm.org.


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