ARCADIA, Okla. (KFOR) – The real world which forms James Hostler’s waking reality as a landscaper and contractor has lots of ways to remind him of work to be done.

“The direct intrusions,” he states, “the phone calls and messages. There’s a ding right there.”

But there is another world Hostler started creating in his imagination decades ago. Its reminders are more subtle but no less powerful.

“It has the feel of a classic novel,” he says.

The Bobcat is always calling.

Hostler describes the setting as, “We’re ending the Old West. We have the steampunk realities of the Industrial Age, and we have the ancient beings of Cherokee mythology.”

Hostler’s first issues of his Cherokee blacksmith turned superhero came out several years ago.

They told the origin story of Will Firemaker and how he is chosen to be a guardian of his people in the world of Oklahoma Territory, late 1890’s.

“That was Volume 1, issues 1,2, and 3,” James states.

The first 3 issues introduced a world based on history and Cherokee myth.

The next story arc brings in a mysterious scientist/teacher who has his own alter ego in Doctor Shock.

Hostler continues, “He thinks he’s got everything figured out, and that he’s not going to get much resistance.”

The crafty doctor has eyes on stealing a huge gold shipment making its way through Tahlequah. The Bobcat and friends have to save the day.

James says one of The Bobcat’s allies just happens to be, “Bigfoot or Tsul ‘Kalu, in the Cherokee language.”

Stepping out his front door and into the cross timbers east of Arcadia can sometimes feel like walking into the realm of his imagination. His walks through the woods and the rings of what could be a distant blacksmith hammer continue to call.

“So many ideas. So many possibilities,” he smiles.

The next installment of The Bobcat, titled ‘Unknown Territory’ is due out in late 2023.

For more information on the character, visit this Facebook page.

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