SPENCER, Okla. (KFOR) – It’s been weeks since the miraculous, windy day, but the ladies cleaning up for another Sunday service at Abundant Life Church are still talking about what happened back in mid-April.

Kimberly Clark just wanted to try something different with her Sunday School class.

“Doing outreach,” she says, “And trying to be a blessing to other people.”

She bought 24 helium balloons and attached an inspirational message to them.

“May the Lord bless and keep you,” she reads, “May the Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you peace…”

Clark’s daughter Chermane helped too.

“We said a prayer together and released the balloons,” she remembers. “Mom yelled, ‘In Jesus name!’ and the kids yelled, ‘In Jesus Name!'”

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Abundant Life Church. Image KFOR

The lesson, teach kids about outreach and God’s reach.

Kimberly recalls, “We prayed for God to guide the wind because he controls the wind.”

“It has been kind of windy hasn’t it,” suggests a church guest.

“Very,” chuckles Kimberly.

The balloons and the lesson both took off in the middle of what we now know was the windiest month since Oklahoma has been keeping records.

“It seems like I recall storms being in the area,” says Chermane.

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Where a miraculous, wind-swept journey began.

So how windy was it?

The church got its first answer in a Facebook post not even a week later from Howard, Ohio.

That’s in the north central part of the state, 965 miles by car, according to Google Maps.

“I was very surprised,” remarks Chermane.

The second response came from just north of Chicago, Ill., in the form of a letter.

It read, “Children, just to let you know, I found your balloon and this note wrapped around a bush in my front yard.”

South winds or faith?

Which is stronger might be up for debate on blustery, spring days in Oklahoma.

But put them together and there’s no telling where they might take you.

Chermane smiles, “The balloon probably went through rain and lightning, so, to me, it was really a kind of miracle.”