OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Every pilot has to perform what’s called a ‘walkaround’ before climbing into the aircraft they’re going to fly.

“I always wanted to fly airplanes,” says Eric Wells, chief pilot and President of Private Jets Inc.

Wells does something like that on a much larger scale every day at his place of business.

“We’re doing flights all over the United States, all the time,” he states.

He makes rounds of his office building, finished in February of 2020, his pilot lounge, the gift shop and a very busy hangar often full of outgoing charter jets.

“We’re busy,” he smiles. “We’re very thankful.”

Wells and his pilot father bought a much smaller charter company back in 1995.

They never planned to grow this large, or to eventually build a huge Fixed Based Operation at Wiley Post Field.

The company is soon to open another big hangar.

Eric says, “Our other hangar is over capacity.”

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Private Jets Inc., image KFOR

Private Jets Inc. has grown 92 percent over the past three years alone.

“Were you surprised at how fast things came back (post COVID),” queries a morning guest.

“Yes,” he responds. “Very surprised.”

Wells does say the charter business as a whole has boomed ever since COVID restrictions started lifting in late 2020.

But he kept seizing on opportunities to build his fleet and make loyal friends of people who needed to get from one place to another fast and hassle free.

“There’s no TSA here,” he smiles.

About his family, Wells boasts, “Aviation has always been something we’re good at.”

There are, apparently, lots of people like this in Oklahoma right now, paying good money to people like Wells to take them all over North America.

“I love it every day I get the chance to fly.”

It turns out his company is flying high as well.

Private Jets Inc. made the 2022 list of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the U.S.

It was their second time to make the list.

For more information on the company go to, www.privatejetsinc.com.