One of feline’s rarest breeds has a paw hold in Chandler

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CHANDLER, OKLAHOMA -- If you're looking for big cats in Chandler you stick with the quiet kind that guard the front steps of Renee Spahr's house.

It's inside where you'll find the rare ones.

"They've been around for a few years," she says. "I really enjoy showing them."

She has a few of the hairless variety, but rarer still are these guys.

They're called Lykoi or 'Wolf Cats' because of their, sort of, Lon Chaney Jr. Wolfman look.

They are a newly identified genetic mutation that Renee couldn't resist.

"You seem to like the unusual," says a visitor to Spahr's home.

"I guess I'm guilty of that," she replies. "I do like the unusual."

There are still fewer than 300 in the world.

6 of them live here with the Spahrs.

The breed is newly recognized.

First impressions aren't always positive.

"Because people look at them and kind of go 'ew'," says Renee. "They're not a pretty cat."

Renee likes them for their personalities.

They like to play.

One of her Chupacabra family line prefers a leash when they go for walks.

The rest of the time the entire cat population in this house has their own upstairs bedroom to play in.

Spahr is a retired Halloween decorator so exotics get along really well here.

"I haven't seen any of them transmute into a human yet," she laughs. "But it could still happen."

Wolf Cats have some special needs.

Renee says they need to be kept indoors.

The full moon doesn't change them, but they do shed what looks like human hair.

Lykoi aren't the prettiest cats of the feline species, but some people like to have something different, and if you don't want a dog the wolf cat definitely fits the bill.

Renee Spahr both breeds and shows Lykoi cats.

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