Paintings you can walk into: This Oklahoma City artist works in 3-D paint

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — He was a 10-year-old kid on his way to buy some candy when he first saw it; a small, pocket-size book about the Renaissance artist Botticelli.

“Everybody sees different, everybody reacts different,” he says. “I walked in and I was hypnotized.”

Milton Trice brought that book home and started drawing from it.

“Drawing and painting,” he recalls. “I couldn’t quite get my mind around it because my eyes were telling me something other than what my pencil was doing.”

The painter is a prisoner of two dimensions, oil or watercolor on a flat canvas.

For more than a half-century now, Milton Trice has worked within that structure in order to break free from it.

He argues, “If you combine multiple surfaces, bend and break them, you can give a bigger jump to your figures. You feel like you can pick them up or be there. I call it, ‘Being There’.”

Each eye, he says, sees an image just a little differently, from a slightly different angle.

He might paint on one surface but he’s combining those planes to make the static appear to move.

“It gives it that depth,” says Trice, “that motion.”

Lines and planes, depth and perspective. Milton’s subjects step off the canvas and on to the frame.

His large scale pieces, like this street scene from the old Deep Deuce District in Oklahoma City, are designed to walk into.

Walking toward his life-size painting, Trice remarks, “Here we are with Doe Belly and there are ladies walking down the street.”

His experiments continue.

A few years back Milton published a book called “Stereo Realism”, putting to words the painting style he’s worked a lifetime to perfect.

Reading about it is one thing. Watching him work is another.

Walking into a life-size portrait is something people can only accomplish by ‘being there’.

Trice has an exhibit opening at the Embree Art Gallery on the campus of Heritage Hall High School in Oklahoma City.

The reception is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3rd at 5:30 p.m.

For more information on the art of Milton Trice, visit this website.

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