CRESCENT, Okla. (KFOR) – It’s hard to pin down Karen Russell on what she likes best when it comes to books and, so, what part of her bookstore she likes best.

“It really depends on what kind of mood I’m in,” she giggles, “But I like to try to figure out Whodunit, and I’m kind of a history buff at heart.”

What she really likes, and why she escaped to a completely different line of work late in her career, was to find connections through the printed word, from kids books like “Walter the Farting Dog” to “Indestructible”, to “Baptist Bootlegger”, Paper Pages is a dream come true.

“Did you have a picture in your mind that looked like this,” we ask?

“Yes,” she nods. “Yes. I did.”

She was a nurse before, but always a reader.

When she and her husband Russell started discussing what else she might do, Karen went straight to the printed word.

“Book readers are the best people,” she insists.

When the oldest building in town emptied out, they both jumped in with both feet and their bookstore became a reality.

“The best day,” she says, “Is when a box of book is delivered. I’m like a little kid. It’s a sickness for sure.”

‘Sit, Relax, Enjoy’ serves as their business statement.

Karen knew there had to be others out there who liked reading actual books.

She filled shelves with a wide selection, put on some good coffee, a few baked goodies and moved in some comfortable chairs.

It didn’t take long for a community of like minded friends to find her.

“There are a lot of book readers out there,” she insists, “and I knew there were. I just knew.”

She sometimes misses the regular patients and her friends on the hospital staff, but her prescription for healing from a busy schedule has always been located within the pages of a good book.

Paper Pages is part of an upward national trend in newly opened independent bookstores.

“I heal with books,” she smiles.

A recent NBC News story states that more than 300 such outlets have opened within the past 3 years.

For more information on Paper Pages go to their Facebook site here.

To read the NBC story, visit this link.