Hoops take over Oklahoma City park, but it has nothing to do with basketball

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OKLAHOMA CITY – There are no sharp corners in a story like this, no getting to the point of anything unless you like all things round and, for people like Chelsea Ryan, especially hoops.

“Well, you can do anything with a hoop,” she replies. “Circles mean infinite possibilities.”

Back in the spring, she started inviting friends and anyone else with an interest in hula hooping, juggling, or unicycling to the Eisenhower Pavilion at Stars and Stripes Park.

You want to learn to juggle? Chelsea or someone else here can teach you. Same with bongo boards, slacklining, and hula hooping.

There are lots of people here really good at that who come here to trade ideas with each other.

Chelsea says, “The people that come out are usually already hula hooping or juggling or something. They just want to hang out with other people who do this.”

Ryan calls her Stars and Stripes Spin Jams a kind of one ring circus.

So people who show up just for the great sunsets get a nice bonus on pleasant Wednesday evenings.

As one golden sphere disappears for the day, dozens of others hang around in the fading light to play a little longer.

Ryan insists, “Every single person’s style is so different. You can learn something from everyone who does some kind of flow art.”

You may remember a story we did with Chelsea at this very spot last year.

Her solitary spinning on a Cyr Wheel left us mesmerized.

Circling around several months later finds a whole group of hoops linking up and trading ideas.

“Yes. They love circles. Feel free to incorporate more circle puns,” she smiles.

More of this means there could actually be ‘hoop’ for the future.

The next Stars and Stripes Spin Jam is scheduled for September 25, 2019 from 6PM to 8PM.

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