Polling the Weedns: This Enid, OK couple has big plans for the old Trail Drive-In

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ENID, Okla. (KFOR) — It isn’t just a walk in the country for Tony and Haylee Weedn and it isn’t just a country lane.

You have to look skyward to see where you are in this part of south Enid, the old Trail Drive-In, open from 1955 to the early 1980s, and now in need of the Weedn’s optimistic vision.

“It’s amazing,” says Tony. “With Oklahoma winds and tornadoes that that 70-year-old screen is still there. You could put a new coat of paint on it.”

As a pilot trainee in the Air Force, Tony used to fly over this spot all the time, but he didn’t really notice until he drove past it one day.

He recalls thinking, “I could get tickets and movie times. So I pulled in and come to find out it was run down and closed.”

Cut to a few months ago and the Trail was still on Tony’s mind as COVID-19 and the fear of catching it suddenly made drive-ins a perfect venue.

“With COVID-19 and social distancing, that’s what made the interest spark back up, and we’ve gotten so much interest. We have more than 300 backers right now.”

Tony and Haylee conducted a preliminary poll then started a crowd funding campaign to raise the money to by this ten acres, clear it, and light up the screen.

Tony continues, “I really feel like we can make this happen and it would be good for the community.”

It’s going to take time.

Looking around, they admit it might never happen, but the ideas are still coming anyway.

Haylee offers, “Let churches come.”

Tony says, “We were talking about doing a seasonal ice rink.”

He mentioins, “Rock climbing.”

Then Haylee chimes in, “Do you think we could have a car show out here?”

These empty lanes once held 400 cars at a time.

On this morning, the only creatures looking at the big screen were three humans and a bored looking hawk.

For now, it’s still a pleasant walk on a shady lane.

Who knows, it might be nice someday to come here after dark too.

For more information on the Weedn’s efforts to restore the Trail Drive-In, visit their website.

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