BUTLER, Okla.  (KFOR) — We really should start with the ingredients in Glenda Outhouse of Butler, Oklahoma’s recipe.

“Very little sugar, very little salt,” she offers.

“Okay. Whatever,” she smiles. “I’ll just own it.”

She puts in fresh onions, diced tomatoes, green peppers, and jalapenos too.

No recipe needed, Glenda and her twin sister Brenda have made this stuff for years.

Brenda watches and giggles, “I’m just the supervisor.”

So Glenda is retired now.

She needed something to stay busy and the family really liked her salsa.

“So you always have some on hand,” queries a visitor to the Outhouse home?

“Oh yeah,” replies Glenda. “If I run out I’m in trouble.”

So she decided to sell it.

But what about the name on the jar?

Glenda recalls, “I told her one day, ‘I want to throw something at you. Tell me if I’m crazy.”

Well, it seems the Outhouses and the rest of Glenda’s extended family already had a name in mind.

All of Brenda’s kids, everybody really, had always called Glenda ‘Aunt Poopie’.

Brenda says, “It caught on and just spread. She’s Poopie or Aunt Poopie.”

It only made sense to them to put her name on the jar too.

Glenda laughs, “That’s what it is.”

Brenda adds, “It’s been Poopie Salsa for 30 years.”

So out it went.

Glenda and Brenda started putting Poopie Salsa on store shelves and getting the obvious questions about whether their product was some form of laxative or contained some unorthodox ingredients.

“Like, ‘I’m leery, I don’t know’,” says Glenda.

We found the Poopie brand sitting proudly on the shelf at the Mulberry Bush in Clinton, Oklahoma.

Glenda and Brenda’s mom always used to call her twins ‘two peas in a pod’.

“It kind of fit,” they both say.

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Brenda adds top the brand by making birdhouses and greeting cards.

Glenda added picked jalapenos and apple butter to her Poopie brand, and what do you know.

Her kitchen is pretty busy these days making a play off her name and going the other way to find success with deliciousness.

“Half the challenge of marketing is coming up with a memorable name,” smiles Brenda.

“They remember that one,” says Glenda.

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