OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – There are long lists of things to do at the State Fair of Oklahoma.

Lots of stuff to look at, to search out, to sample, and see.

Carolyn Rice runs one of the shows on those ‘must see’ lists this year.

“We have 7 dogs in the show,” she continues. “It’s a pirate theme and we’re hunting for treasure.”

She and her dogs have been traveling most of the summer as the Puppies of Penzance.

“We came from Iowa,” said Rice. “You have to have a real wander lust in this job.”

Carolyn came up with the treasure hunt story line and drew on her 30-plus years of animal training to get seven mixed-breed mutts their direction, even the terriers.

“They’re tough,” she states. “They’re not for everyone. You don’t want to get a terrier unless you jog about 5 miles a day.”

They perform three shows every day on the Plaza Stage during the fair.

Her ‘puppies’ jump and play comic relief to her straight man.

It’s funny to think that, growing up, Carolyn didn’t even have a dog.

Her brother was allergic so she had to wait.

“My dad always said, ‘when you’re grown you can have all the dogs you want’, and voila,” Rice recalled.

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Putting the ‘arrr’ in ‘rrrrufff’ is what brings smiling pet lovers to her stage.

The work lies in the travel, she tells us.

Setting up her trailer and spending every summer on the road, her treasure comes from being on stage which she never fails to tell her audience.

“It’s the people of the Oklahoma State Fair,” she announces as her finale.

Buy your tickets and see a schedule of performances, go to the State Fair of Oklahoma’ website.

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