Re-discovered WKY truck from 50 years ago to receive new life

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WELLSTON, OKLAHOMA -- Darrell Allen's future projects don't stand in line.
They crowd around his front yard.

The closest one is usually next.

This old Ford tractor is just about done.

While we visited he was re-doing the brakes on a friends Chevy pickup.

But this project, this rust bucket here, is the one he's most interested in starting.

"You don't see a whole lot of these around anymore," he says. "You see the Suburbans but you don't see the panel type."

Allen's grandfather bought this truck used in the mid to late 1960's.

He used it in his plumbing business until he retired.

"It would go anywhere," he smiles, "up until now."

Darrell and his brother drove it deer hunting after that.

Then about 15 years ago he parked it.

Allen continues, "It got to where the gas tank leaked and some other stuff."

It's a 1960 model Chevy panel truck.

The vehicle's previous life revealed itself after he pulled a layer of sticky tape off the back panels.

"My grandfather bought it direct from WKY," he says.

So what was happening around that time at WKY?

In 1959 E.K. Gaylord came over to cut the cake on Channel 4's 10th Anniversary.

WKY radio and television had a whole fleet of cars and trucks to gather news.

The old panel truck was probably used by the radio folks for live broadcasts.

Allen recalls, "It had the station letters on it when he bought it. My father got some tacky paper and put it on the sides. It looked like somebody had painted over the side of it."

We tried to find a picture of the old panel truck but the only snapshots we came up with were the ones Darrel took.

His vision is to turn this old heap into a hot rod, something he and the wife can drive to car shows.

The old WKY paint will be covered up by then.

But somewhere beneath the shine might lie the faint residue of another story, of gathering stories for a legendary broadcast station.

Darrell Allen figures it will take him at least another year and a half before he can finish the old WKY truck.

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