Road construction equipment makes art at Oklahoma City’s 4th annual Steamroller Print Fest

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The most difficult task Angel Nunez had on this Saturday morning might have been just climbing into his five-ton steamroller.

The job itself didn’t involve any road smoothing or fresh asphalt to deal with.

“It’s definitely different,” he says. “I’m enjoying it.”

He had a big crew to help as well, but not hard hats.

Everyone reporting to this job site came to see artistry at work.

A visitor observes, “You’ve got wood blocks that make prints and you need something heavy right?”

“Yes,” answers Artspace at Untitled Director Laura Warriner.

This was the 4th year for the Steamroller Print Festival in Oklahoma City.

Warriner rolled in the idea from a similar event in Montana.

“The whole idea is to engage the community and educate them to the incredible work that artists do here in Oklahoma.”

173 artists created wood blocks.

Volunteers did the heavy lifting to cover them with a layer of ink.

The steamroller did the rest.

Warriner says, “once the steamroller runs over it, that’s pretty much the end of the wood block.”

Kiely Elder, a freshman at Aztec Charter School, spent 20 hours on her buffalo print and appreciated the novel way it came out.

She marveled, “There are so many different ways to make art.”

UCO student Noel Oakron carved a big piece of wood too, but admitted being a little nervous about the use of such a crushing weight to make it.

“Slightly, yeah,” he smiled.

The Artspace gallery doesn’t have a press big enough to create really large prints, some 4 feet by 8 feet.

The usual work here is a bit smaller, poster size to coaster size.

An exhibit called ‘Big Ink’ flattens the curve on the world of this type of print making.

From a city on a flat piece of America the heaviest of machines presses for details as a crowd watches to see the beauty that coms out the other side.

The 4th annual Steamroller Print Festival took place Saturday, April 24 2021.

For more information on future events or exhibits to their Facebook page or their website.

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