EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) — We all have our origin stories, whether we were born on a different planet, bitten by a radioactive spider, or born the heir of a millionaire in Gotham City.

You can find them all on the shelves of Sanctuary Comics, thanks to owner Nash Carey, who opened his store in August 2023, and who brought along some of his own hard-won super powers to finally realize his dream.

“It’s meant to be a safe place,” he explains. “An opportunity for people to be themselves without any extra harassment or bullying that might occur in the outside world.” 

Diagnosed on the autism spectrum as a kid, Carey was always drawn to the divergent characters in comic books.

They were his companions through tough times, even through a combat tour in Iraq.

Coming home with PTSD, he retreated to an online world where dark forces nearly won out.

Painting a picture, Nash describes, “piles of Coke cans and pizza boxes. That was my existence.”

“I was in a place where I didn’t really leave the house for 5 years.”

It was only through joining a church first, and then studying for a degree in Divinity at Oklahoma City University that he was able to conquer his demons, and begin to seek out community in the form of direct, human contact.

“Who I could share things with, communicate with, who had gone through similar experiences,” he explains.

Sanctuary Comics is that place where he figured all kinds of people battling their own dragons could find each other.

“That’s what all this is intended for,” he continues, “is to be that safe place where we can work some things out.”

Iron Man had his lab, the X-Men their castle, Batman his cave.


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Nash Carey’s Sanctuary is filled with monsters and creepy tales.

It’s just that here, his customers can close the book whenever they want, and often find an ally with superpowers all their own sitting right beside them.

For more information on Sanctuary Comics, visit their website or their Facebook page.