She attended the K through 12 school in Butler, then she bought it

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BUTLER, Okla. -- Christina Fonseca-Reeves never bothered counting how many times she walked through the doors of her school.

"It is a trip down memory lane," she says.

Kindergarten through 12th Grade, this little school in Butler was her home.

"Do you ever feel like you're back at school," asks a visitor to the complex of buildings.

"No. But I wish I was," replies Reeves.

She knew every room and everybody.

"This was my kindergarten room," she points out.

"This was the cafeteria, and this is where I graduated," she says pointing to the auditorium stage.

We took a trip to Butler back in 2004 when Butler High only had two seniors graduating that spring.

The doors finally closed in 2007, consolidating with nearby Arapaho, Oklahoma.

Reeves says, "All of my lessons were learned in this small town."

The site was a home for wayward boys for a few years.

Then it sat empty.

Christina had long since moved to Woodward.

When the place went up for auction she put in a friendly bid so she could use some space for storage.

"I needed a place to put my stuff and this was perfect," she says.

But friends, family, including her mom urged Reeves to reach a little higher, to maybe open up the rooms to vendors who might have something to sell.

They cleaned it out and cleaned it up.

By June she was open to shoppers.

"Is it nice to see new life in here," asks her visitor.

"It is," she replies. "It's really fun to see all the alumni come back and see each other."

People who drop by say it's a combination garage sale and weekly reunion.

The funny thing is Christina no longer has any room for her own stuff.

Every classroom is economics and commerce.

This Cowboy came back to give the old place a new life.

"Everybody seems pretty happy."

The Cowboy Plaza is open every Saturday and Sunday.

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