She couldn’t find anyone in Oklahoma to teach her: Chelsea Ryan drew her own circle and learned the Cyr Wheel by herself

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- She looks for smooth pavement and mild weather.

"You're constantly in motion," says Chelsea Ryan.

She finds both in unexpected places like the memorial at Stars and Stripes Park.

Somewhere between one hour to five hours every day, this is how she rolls.

"Yeah," she chuckles. "The great thing about a circle is it's pretty much infinite."

You're looking at what's called a Cyr Wheel.

They're larger, sturdier, and much heavier than the better known Hula Hoop.

Chelsea discovered some videos online and immediately circled back.

"I'd never seen anything like it before and I thought I could do that."

She couldn't find anyone in Oklahoma to teach her, so Ryan learned through watching, and through tips she got from a handful of other Cyr Wheel artists around the country.

Chelsea points out, "After we couldn't find anyone else doing it, that made me want to do this even more."

Last summer, she wasn't very good.

In fact, she put together a whole compilation of falls to help remind her of the journey.

A lot of bruises and one broken mirror later she was much better.

The artist in her found a way out.

"I would call myself a Cyr Wheel artist," she says. "It's like a dance. It reminds me a lot of ballet."

Chelsea is still working on her craft.

She says she's stronger now, and something else, too.

"It's taught me how to be more graceful," she says.

This self-described 'spazzy' kid grew up and out enough to fill her own big circle, and to send it spinning like a shiny coin.

Chelsea is training to compete in a national Wheel Gymnastics event this summer in Chicago.

She's hoping to make a U.S. team to take part in a World Championships this summer in Switzerland.

If you want to follow Chelsea's progress or look at more videos of her Cyr Wheel look for Hooplahoma on Facebook or Instagram.

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