Sides are even and parted down the middle between OU and OSU at the Bedlam Barbershop

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Right down the middle.

“The rivalries get going in here,” says hair cutter Rhonda Houle.

It might not be the hair cut of choice at the Bedlam Barbershop, but that’s exactly how this house is divided.

“Some people are pretty set,” she says.

Houle rules the roost here most days at a place where there is no penalty for clipping.

She specializes in Tinker flat tops and military cuts.

As for her customers, they can sit wherever they’re most comfortable, on the Cowboy side, or the Sooner side.

A visitor to the shop asks, “Are there some people who just refuse to sit on one side?”

“Yes,” answers Rhonda. “There are people that refuse.”

“But you don’t mind crossing the line?”

“We don’t mind. Heck no. I’ll go over or bring them over. It don’t matter.”

During Bedlam Week, especially, she does see some reluctance to camp out in enemy territory.

She recalls, “One time a guy almost started a fight. I said, no. Take it outside man.”

Open now for nearly fifteen years, the original owners are long gone but their decorations still fit.

Just like a good haircut, the sides are exactly even.

“You’re kind of the Mason Dixon Line here,” says her visitor.

“Yeah,” she agrees again.

It’s Rhonda who harbors a secret wish to end the party on the back of Coach Gundy’s collar.

“I look at that mullet and think, Oh Lord. Please come into the Bedlam shop and get your hair cut.”

Houle herself hails from California.

She didn’t attend either college.

She roots for Oklahoma, the state, like Switzerland, right down the middle and loving every minute.

“We’ll see how this year goes, I guess,” she muses. “It should be exciting.”

The Bedlam Barbershop is located at 9040 South Sooner Road.

Rhonda has a $10 haircut special running all day Saturday.

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