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TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – There might be no better spokesperson for the benefits of hot soup than Ali Hanson, mother to 8 small children, five of them her own, and owner of a business that, at its center, makes soup for whatever might ail you.

Ali lifts the lid on a row of simmering pots and describes a vegetable soup.

“There’s 20 different vegetables in there,” she smiles. “We do pride our broth on being the best tasting you can buy.”

“It’s the basic home remedy for everything right,” we ask?

“Of course,” she laughs. “It’s the elixir of health.”

She admits to eating a standard American diet growing up in Guthrie. She was a college golfer at OSU but had trouble getting over injuries. She felt tired all the time.

Her overall condition got worse until she gave up and broke her diet down.

Hanson’s solution involved turning to an ancient remedy, broth made from chicken, beef, or veggies, simmered at low heat for 24 hours. That did the trick for her.

“That old adage that chicken noodle soup is good for colds and flus,” she claims, “there’s good scientific literature to back that up, as well as joints and skin.”

Her business of making and packaging Ali Made broth started several years ago.

In November of 2021 she opened the Bon Broth Bar, serving fresh lunches and, of course, soup. Build your own or in a cup with simple broth, soup is always on somewhere.

“I’m the first ‘broth lady’ in the state,” she boasts. “This is what I dreamed of doing when I first started my business in 2017.”

Her broth isn’t confined to just the hot stuff either. Hanson puts soup stock in her pineapple smoothies and even popsicles.

The latest addition to the Hanson brood, Abigail got a taste of her first human food a few days previously, at 4 months. It was broth of course.

We happened to drop by for a cup of soup and a sandwich at just the right time, on Ali’s birthday.


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No cake in sight, but soup everywhere which is just the way she likes it.

AliMade Food began in 2017 and ships soup stock by online order.

The Bon Broth Bar is open 9 to 3 Monday through Saturday at 81st and Harvard in Tulsa