Spook light mystery solved insist amateur sleuths

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EDMOND, OKLAHOMA – We should explain right away these men are not scientists.

Allen Rice is an English professor at UCO.

Micheal Ferguson is his son-in-law.

Chris Shaneyfelt is a former student, and Keon Canady a current one.

They call themselves ‘The Boomers’, and, for fun, they travel around Oklahoma in search of folklore, but mainly fun.

Dr. Rice picked up a book one day and read about the famous Joplin Spook Lights and said to his rag-tag group, ‘hey. let’s go see for ourselves.

They brought camera equipment too.

Now, the cool thing about the spook light, other than its location along a road called ‘The Devil’s Promenade’, is that lots of people see it.

The light has been studied many times but never, really explained.

So Rice and team went at the mystery very deliberately.

The positions themselves at various points along the road.

They spend most of the night going up hill and down.

Pretty soon they had it.

The modern ‘spook light’, even though it looks really spooky, is actually car headlights from a couple of hills over.

Locals in the area scoffed and said the spook lights were around long before the modern automobile.

But the Boomers forged ahead and presented their evidence anyway in the form of a documentary film.

They weren’t trying to solve this mystery.

They were just out for some fun, and they still are every chance they get.

To see the Boomer’s documentary yourself, click here.

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