Stepping out in faith: Wing-T’s started extra small

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CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA — Baseball season is coming up so the screen printer is running hot inside this shop in Chickasha.

Shelle Miller and Sara Abbott have a lot of orders to fill for youth league and school teams.

It’s kind of crazy.

“We’re still just having fun,” smiles Sara.

You wouldn’t think it now, but fewer than six years ago Shelle and Jennifer Heavin were teachers in the nearby town of Ninnekah.

Sara was a youth minister’s wife looking to make a few extra dollars for her family.

“Money’s not everything but it’s right up there with oxygen,” adds Abbot.

The idea, screen print a few t-shirts.


They set up in a single car garage.

They hand printed them at first.

There were long nights and lots of sweat.

They moved to a bigger garage, then got air conditioning.

That was a big step.

“And now, this place,” says Sara.

Shelle and Jennifer had to quit their school jobs.

They moved to Chickasha with this big screen printing machine.

“We wanted to create a place where we could have fun. Really, we wanted this place to be a vehicle for what we really wanted to do.”

They really liked being able to hire on women like them who needed a little extra income and fun.

They loved having enough left over to design t-shirts they could sell and give the profits to a selected charity.

Sara explains, “We made that shirt, whatever we designed that month would go to that charity.”

The founders say none of them ever thought their ideas would turn into something so big so fast.

“We were stepping out in faith every time,” says Abbot. “Please Jesus. We have no jobs.”

But good products, good people, and good leadership tend to make for good business, no matter what your design.

Wing-T’s is located at 8th and Chickasha Ave. in downtown Chickasha.

The ship is open Monday through Friday, but employees shut the presses down on Fridays.

For more information on the business and their offerings go to or go to Wing-T’s on facebook.


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