Still open and selling out: Stability Cannabis explosive growth since November of 2018

Great State

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — In what used to be a main frame computer warehouse before it sat vacant for two years, the workers at Stability Cannabis operate one of the most successful farms in Oklahoma.

“This is production agriculture,” says company COO David Lewis. “It just so happens that our product is cannabis.”

Growing like a weed doesn’t even begin to describe the rate at which this industry sprang from seed to green life in a span of 18 months.

It’s only been that long since founder David Kitch and a grower friend decided to go big.

“You go back into the flower rooms and it’s just fascinating,” he marvels. “My background is in real estate.”

They brought in a start up specialist, Lewis.

“My background was in staffing and people,” he says. “Also in helping small businesses launch.”

That’s when the original employees started transforming these huge, empty spaces into an enormous grow and sell operation.

It takes a few months to get from nursery to one of their big grow rooms where electric lights simulate a 12-hour day in the early fall, just when the buds are at their peak.

Lewis says, “They spend exactly 63 days in this room.”

There are 1,100 mature plants in a 6,000 square foot room, and there are several rooms like this in production with more in the planning.

Stability Cannabis had their original four employees tossing footballs around inside the warehouse in the late fall of 2018.

Space is much tighter now with crops and packaging operations.

The company was the first in Oklahoma to put their product in nitrogen sealed cans.

Lewis says, “It makes the product shelf stable for over a year.”

The names are kind of goofy, from Wonder Goji to Sunburn Pop, to Sunday Struedel.

Lewis tells us it will all be bought up within a week.

Lifting the lid on a large, metal tub he says, “This is about six pounds of raw, finished bud.”

“We’re 14 months from our first harvest,” he continues. “Today we took down our 32nd harvest. It flies off the shelves.”

It’s a race to market and a race to integrate production.

“We service a few hundred patients a day on a busy day,” he says.

The front of Stability Cannabis is their very own retail dispensary (still open because it’s classified by the state as a pharmacy).

Think what you will of the product itself, but it appears that growing weed and growing ‘like’ a weed are the same thing.

The leaders in this race are seeing green in all kinds of ways.

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