EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) — You can tell if Earnest ‘Bob’ Harris is home or anywhere nearby.

The happy tunes of a long life still exhale from healthy lungs at the age of 102 as he plays his harmonica.

A newspaper delivery boy from Apache, OK, he moved to Oklahoma City to go to business college, took the first job offered, and stayed put a the same company for 45 years.

“I didn’t feel like moving around or advancing anywhere,” he states.

Bob spent his adult life working as a rate clerk and traffic manager at the old Lee Way Motor Freight Company.

The business had 5,000 employees at one point in history.

Moving freight meant staying still on the southside of OKC, raising 2 kids with his wife Helen, and retiring at 65 a long time ago.

Bob stares and his palm and says, “I used to look at my lifeline and it said I was going to live a long time.”

“It was right,” smiles his visitor.

He only started moving around after his working life was finished.

Bob and Helen bought a van and drove it all over the country for another couple of decades.

“I was just looking the country over,” he says.

He’s still got a whole drawer full of harmonicas in his assisted living apartment.

The library across the hall makes a good practice spot too.

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Packing his life after 102 years would take a pretty big truck, but Harris is still up for additional travel, from the mountains, to the prairies, and all points in between.

Harris and his family threw a big birthday party at Stone Creek of Edmond.

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