SALINA, Okla. (KFOR) — The source of Saline Creek is only a little more than 4 miles up the hill toward Kenwood, OK.

The creeks will flood in spring and run a little low in late summer, but there is always water in the Blue Hole.

“This is the biggest deep spot there is,” says Danny Chancellor whose family has owned this spot since the mid-70’s.

image of waterpark

“There’s some more little pools down through there but they fill up and wash out.”

He and his wife Opal run the Blue Hole Water Park on weekdays.

This is actually their first summer to do so.

Danny’s mom Wanda owned the park for close to 50 years before that giving everyone she could reach a hug or handshake.

“She loved it and everybody loved her,” smiles Chancellor. “Her and everybody was friends.”

image of Danny and Opal Channcellor
Danny and Opal Chancellor. Image KFOR

A lot of people who live close make a beeline for this place in July and August.

There are other creeks running through these hills but only one Blue Hole.

“If you cut through the back roads it’s about 10 minutes to our house,” says Marianne McWhirt. “So instead of going other places way off, we like to come here.”

image of water park
Blue Hole Water Park. Image KFOR

Denise Sprigby brought a Girl Scout troop here several years ago.

She comes here now with her grandson or friends whenever she gets the chance.

“It’s spring fed,” she tells us alongside her friend Janna Jimison, “and it’s always cool. In fact, I get out to the middle there and it almost takes my breath away. It’s cold out there.”

Saline Creek runs fast down ‘the big hill’ toward Hudson Lake.

It curves a little in this spot and scours out a deep spot that divers have measured at close to 20 feet.

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People ask the new ‘Blue Hole Chancellors’ if they do anything special to the water which never fails to make them laugh.

“That’s what everybody asks me,” confirms Danny. “How do you make the water so blue? Well, we don’t do anything to it. It’s just that water that’s running in there. It’s pretty and blue by itself.”

image of water hole
Blue Hole Water Park. Image KFOR

The water here seems to laugh too, that is after you get used to it.

We take a swim here late in the evening as the shade trees begin to cover the water.

‘Bubby’ Chancellor loved this place right to the end. She passed away on June 3rd, 2022.

image of water park
Blue Hole Water Park. Image KFOR

Floating out here we can see why.

Blue Hole and blue sky blend together in summertime, a cool place the Chancellors hope will never change.

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