DAVIS, Okla. (KFOR) — It’s a view most of the state is familiar with.

Turner Falls is Oklahoma’s oldest park and its largest waterfall at 77 feet.

People have been coming here for at least a century to cool off, including current park manager Cathi Neal.

“It’s just a beautiful place to come to,” she said as she smiles.

The old swimming hold right below the falls is still open, but not very deep.

The best place to swim is less than a mile downstream where Honey Creek bends and deepens.

Hot swimmers from Texas flood the place every summer.

Turner Falls, Oklahoma. Image KFOR

Dylan Viera brought 14 members of his family.

“I’ve never been here,” he tells us.

So we ask, “What do you think?”

“Pretty fun,” he smiles.

Courtney Green brought her best friend Courtney from Arlington.

“It was hot,” she says. “We had to get out of Texas for a little bit.”

Nick Oliver and Helena Crist made a day of it too.

“Oh my gosh. It’s beautiful,” gushes Helena. “Very refreshing.”

“It’s great,” agrees Nick.

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The best part of this swimming hole is a long, playground slide than plunges brave swimmers into the deepest part of this spot.

The City of Davis, Oklahoma manages 1,500 acres here now making it a huge revenue producer, paying the lifeguards on duty, a nice diving board, and a bunch of other cool things to do once you dry off.

Manager Neal said, “We have 1,500 acres of castles, caves, and camping. People think all we have is just this area. The creek runs all the way through the park.”

Turner Falls – Image KFOR

Honey Creek’s headwaters are a natural spring up in the Arbuckle Mountains just a few miles away so swimmers clearly don’t need to worry about freshwater sharks or anything else that bites.

It’s a swimmin’ hole that has stood the test of time, and millions of people over more than a century of summers.

Turner Falls is still a perfect pause that refreshes, a gulp of clear water and fresh air that gets us to the next cool spot in summer that, for a few of us, is ‘ turnering’ our to be full of them.

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