The cinematic world of ‘Jurassic Games’ fits nicely within the borders of Oklahoma.

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LITTLE SAHARA STATE PARK, OKLAHOMA -- Ryan Bellgardt already knew he was going to make a dinosaur movie.

"Are your shoes full of sand right now," he says walking across a fifty foot high sand dune? "I feel kind of epic."

So this Oklahoma City based writer and director set out to find some good locations.

The sand dunes at this state park near Waynoka, Oklahoma fit the bill perfectly.

"That's kind of the idea for our movie," he says. "I wanted to build a location that looked like another world."

Shooting 'Jurassic Games' took less than six weeks.

It was the post production work that took nearly a year to complete.

Backdrops are one thing but a trained dinosaur is really hard to find without a good computer graphics department.

"We had about 15 people working on it in post production," says Bellgardt.

"You almost expect a dinosaur to pop out somewhere," remarks a park visitor.

"Yeah," chuckles Ryan. "It's surreal."

So ten convicted murderers are set loose in a game show environment to compete for their freedom.

You might recognize Robbers Cave if you look close, or maybe the Gloss Mts. north of Fairview, Oklahoma, and, of course, the shifting sands of Little Sahara.

Bellgardt says, "One of things about this movie that was the most fun was going to all these exotic locations that are really right here in our state."

Say what you will about Jurassic Games chances for an Oscar nomination.

Ryan doesn't really care.

His third movie is already in the black, and part of that formula includes Oklahoma backdrops thanks to a nice rebate offered by the state.

"It's a fantastic incentive," he says. "It's very attractive."

Now that the work is done, Ryan can settle in the sand, or, better yet, in his recliner at home and order up something he made with a few friends.

"I can speak into my remote at home, 'The Jurassic Games'. And it comes up on the screen."

His film is now unleashed upon the world viewing audience, and so are some of Oklahoma's most exotic locales.

Jurassic Games premiered at the Dead Center Film Festival.

It is now available on video on demand.

The DVD release is set for July 3rd.

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