TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) — The Cave House sits like a white boulder against the dark hillside below downtown.

Linda Collier, like a lot of other people in town, was always curious.

When she seized on the opportunity to buy it in 1997, she knew right away she’d made the right decision.

“My heart was full,” she recalls. “The minute I stepped in the door, I knew I was supposed to own this place.”

Built a century ago, the small residence served as a secret entrance to a ‘speakeasy’ nightclub during Prohibition.

The Cave Garden Restaurant next door provided extra cover.

Bootleggers continued to use the cave to store illegal hooch for years after that.

“To bad the old cave isn’t still back there,” we prompt.

“I tell people it’s only open in my mind,” she responds. “I have a very big imagination.”

It was a blank slate when Linda signed the deed.

But stories kept coming in from people who would stop to look.

The interest never died so Linda started filling it with history and her own sense of creativity.

“It’s all about love over here,” she smiles.

Visitors might notice all the keys hanging everywhere.

Linda tells us there was a famous character who used to live here who had a thing for other people’s keys.

She insists it’s not her ghost that still haunts the Rock House, but they both share her mischievous spirit.

“Now people bring me keys from all over the world,” she says, “because people want to keep the ‘key woman’ happy.”

There is a little creepy here, but nothing at all scary.

Collier does keep a collection of glued together bones though.

“I love the ‘bony pony’,” she shows us. “There’s also a ‘bonezai’ tree.”

“I call them ‘boneations’.”

Of all the characters and caretakers of the Cave House in the past century, she is happy to join the curious cue.

From the bird nest bed, to the curious antiques, and even the trap door upstairs filled with pennies, they are her stories to tell now.

“Everybody who comes to the Cave House gets a shiny penny for wishing,” she demonstrates.

The Cave House is still full of spirits, hers especially.


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