BETHANY, Okla. (KFOR) – You can often tell the age of an old photograph by what’s in it.

For instance, a row of Ford Model A cars parked in a row might indicate a snapshot from the early to mid 1930’s.

But on Saturday morning in Bethany, OK, 90 years into the present, the Oklahoma City Model A Restorers Group called their members to all drive in for a ‘safety and inspection day’.

“We all suffer from the same affliction,” smiles club member Will Langford. “That’s a love for these great old cars.”

The parking lot outside their shop on 50th Street is full of them.

He and several other experts run every car that shows up through a checklist to make sure they’re extra safe.

They deal with, he lists, “The fatigue of 90-year-old metal, these have mechanical brakes.”

Bill Harris and his father bought their first Model A. He was 16 at the time and went on to drive his Roadster all through high school.

“I’ve had a love for Model A’s every since,” he states.

Harris bought a fancy touring model a decade ago and has driven it thousands of miles on some long road trips.

Guilds like this share ideas about keeping these wheels turning.

“They’re a simple machine, well built, and they’re easy to work on,” he insists.

Jerry Havill worked on race cars for a time but came back to these dependable vehicles. He’s even helped out with a project, installing something called a Burtz engine, modern on the inside but a perfect fit for the Model A on the outside.

He figures, “So far we’ve put together five here in this shop.”

Of the estimated 500,000 Model A’s still on the road, most of them are connected to a club like this whose members keep a vast encyclopedia of knowledge and simple tricks to keep their favorite cars running.

Still reliable, still beautiful, to these guys they are still the best cars ever made.

“We not only like fixing these cars,” says Langford, “we enjoy driving them.”

The Model A Restorers Group started meeting in 2022. They get together every Monday morning to work on cars.

For more information, go to their website at