The road to adventure for this Minco family starts and ends in Minco, OK

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MINCO, Okla. (KFOR) — Venture or adventure, it doesn’t really matter to Matt and Casey Ruthardt.

“We’re both full of ideas on how to do our own thing,” says Matt.

They’re hard to catch most of the time.

But, lately, one or both have been busy in a confined space, this trailer off Main Street in their hometown of Minco, OK.

“We said, what could we do there,” he continues.

They built it from scratch.

They’re building a more permanent location on Main Street that will double as both coffee lounge and home upstairs.

From the stickers on their van to the personalized sleeves Casey puts on every cup of coffee you can tell the Ruthardts are used to taking the road less traveled.

“So the adventure continues,” asks a visitor to their coffee trailer?

“Oh yeah,” they echo each other.

To get a little perspective on the family we can go back several years to another very small business Casey opened in Minco.

The Little Red Shed sold antiques and odd stuff from a converted barber shop.

The Ruthardt boys, Tucker and Tasher, had their own little hideout built in.

They were easier to catch in those days.

All we could get last week was a fleeting glimpse through the order window.

Between the Red Shed and the yellow trailer Matt and Casey built their own tiny home, but two years ago they cut all those little ties for big adventure.

They hit the road and didn’t look back.

40,000 miles, dozens of national parks, 38 states, and 1,200 miles hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Casey advises, “I would say anyone thinking about doing this. Just try. You never know what will happen until you just try.”

They recorded both ventures and adventures on a popular Youtube channel, Instagram, Facebook.

You name it. They’re on it.

They’re only home now because Tucker needs braces.

“We had to slow down a bit,” says Casey.

Little business, big ideas, that’s how the Ruthardts roll these days, using Minco as a base for warm comfort or cooling off.

You take your pick.

When they’re between adventures is the best time to choose.

You can find this family by searching Ruthardt Aventures on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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