The Ultimate in Lost Luggage: How 2 Oklahoma companies came to the rescue of an amputee without a limb

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) -- It is Brian Davis' second trip to Oklahoma City to get a new leg.

He had a really good one before thanks to Martin Bionics and a new kind of socket founder Jay Martin came up with.

"It's conforming. It's dynamic," Martin demonstrates. "It matches to the dynamic human body."

Jay was the focus of a Great State story last year for his new socketless socket design.

But back to Brian.

His Medicaid insurance qualified him to receive one socket for his right leg several weeks ago.

He was really happy with it when he left to get back on a bus headed for Texarkana.

"I was satisfied," he says. "I really needed that leg. I thought I had that leg."

Davis got as far as Dallas with it too, but the had to change buses and he says he took it off to keep comfortable.

When he got to Texarkana, there was no leg and no one could find it, despite repeated calls.

"I've been calling and calling," Brian says. "They won't tell me nothing. They only thing they tell me is, they don't see it. When I lost this leg I actually cried like a baby."

The old leg was gone, but Medicaid wouldn't qualify him for a replacement.

Davis faced life on crutches.

"I can't work without the leg," he insists.

But the folks back at the Martin Clinic took on his case.

Jay Martin recalled, "My team just instantly circled back around and said, 'what can we do to help'."

They started a search for the old leg too.

In the meantime, they called Angel Flight of Oklahoma and Dr. Bob Dimski to fly him back to Oklahoma City.

No need for a bus ride this time around.

Dr. Dimski said, "This certainly is a special circumstance and we were glad to be able to help."

They also fitted him with a new leg, same cool socket design, same result.

"It feels great," exclaimed Davis.

Somewhere out there, wherever lost luggage ends up, lies a leg without an owner.

But Brian Davis doesn't care as much now, thanks to some generous Oklahomans who invited him back to make sure he was upright.

For more information on Martin Bionics go here.

For more information on Angel Flight of Oklahoma go here.

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