OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It’s the kind of house that lends itself to Halloween decorations, and they’re everywhere on this corner of NW 38th and Shartel.

All of them were placed there by three neighbors who, on this night, are dressed in black and painted green.

They call themselves ‘The Crown Heights Witches’.

“These are my two witch friends,” smiles Susan Chambers, “and we have grown old together.”

Every Halloween they cast a powerful spell on every trick-or-treater who makes the long walk to their front step.

Image of trick or treaters
Witches of Crown Heights. Image KFOR

Retired teachers, Susan Turpen and Julie Richardson, and Chambers, who is a doctor out-of-costume, have been decorating and dressing up for more than a quarter-century.

“Susan lives there, and Julie and I used to live next door to each other,” explains Chambers, “so we all got together and decided we’d all be witches on Halloween. Then it kept on, and on, and on. Now, pretty soon, we probably won’t even have to touch up our makeup.”

They’re on their second generation of visitors now.

On busy evenings like this it seems like the whole city is dropping by.

The witches always appreciate a good scare, but they are much more enthusiastic about the dress-up and the encouragement they give out like candy.

“The kids,” smiles Julie. “The costumes are incredible.”

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The witches’ powers peak at just around sunset.

Somewhere between 5 and 8 o’clock the spooky decorations, the candy, and the witches own magic create a line clear to the street.

Susan Turpen figures, “It’s probably over a thousand, easily.”

It’s not dark magic.

This witches’ potion contains an extra dose of sugar, the kind everyone craves on All Hallows Eve.

The Crown Heights Neighborhood Association closes off several blocks of 38th Street in both directions surrounding Susan Chamber’s home in order to accommodate the crowds.

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