The world’s biggest house cats bred right here in Oklahoma

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PONCA CITY, Okla, - When Martin Stuckey comes in from a long day on his farm near Ponca City, he's not actually finished working.

Pointing to several kittens, he said "They're curious. They sense new smells. They see the camera."

Part of his feline brood lives with he and his family, so they can get used to playing with people.

Stuckey continues "They're playing right now, and that's what they do all day long, chasing balls. They're just amazing creatures."

They don't look especially big now but, then again, Shine and Diamond here are only 16 weeks old.

Leopold is older at 7 months.

Each of them will grow to become some of the largest house cats in the world.

Martin said "Leopold will be bigger than the world record cat we just bred."

They're called Savannahs, and the breed actually started on the farm.

Originally bred from African Servals and a number of domestic varieties, Savannahs have their fathers' size and their mothers domestic temperaments.

It's been several years since Martin got a Savannah cat for his birthday.

It wasn't quite this small.

The kittens were born just hours ago, but you get the idea.

Stuckey said "Every single time, I just fall in love with these creatures. Even though it's a lot of work and a lot of cleaning, it's still an amazing thing."

Martin put aside his career as a professional accordion player.

He didn't want to be an automotive engineer, either.

He moved to the prairie, bought this operation and, basically, began herding cats.

Stuckey has other animals on his farm, including several dogs.

His neighbors raise cattle and winter wheat.

But, around her, the Savannah is king of beasts, both outside and in.

To learn more about the A1 Savannah Farm or the breed itself, go to

(Note: The business has since changed hands.)

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