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EDMOND, OKLAHOMA — She doesn’t walk in this room blindly.

“A lot of good energy in here,” says Holly Jones.

She feels this place calling to her, to sit down, and to put her fingers to the piano keys.

“Natural inspiration occurs because of the way we process life,” she states.

Holly is a physical therapist by trade.

These fingers are constantly at work finding the source of pain and relieving it.

“One leads to the other,” says Jones. “and both of them are about being in a zone.”

With her music it’s much the same.

The introspective little girl who discovered her mother’s piano so many years ago finds her true voice right here.

She admits, “Sometimes I have difficulty finding the words I want to say.” “And when I’m at the piano I’m talking.”

Jones never got into piano to play in front of people.

She made an album several years ago and thought that was it.

But her instrument kept calling.

She wrote another series of songs she called “Storyteller”.

She traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic to record and work with the Metropolitan Orchestra there.

After months of preparation and work, the inspiration was still there too.

Jones says, “When you’ve done everything you can do on your end then it’s time for the Holy Spirit to kick in.”

Holly Jones can play other music but she hardly ever does.

This music is her voice, her gift.

The cross in the picture window of her studio is no mistake.


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Her little church of music really is a sanctuary, a quiet time filled with song.

Jone’s second CD debuts at a concert on Thursday evening at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.

The concert is sold out but if you want to order a CD or learn more about Holly’s music go to