This new, state of the art facility offers girl scouts a path to grow up thru STEM studies

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Most of what Olivia Fredrickson knew about fossils she’d gleaned from Jurassic Park movies and Pokรฉmon games.

“Pokemon fossils,” she explains carefully, “are birds, fossilized dragons, and fish.”

But she got to hold one for the very first time in Kevin Werth’s science class.

“This is the first time I’ve ever done it,” she exclaims. “But I know they can be rough and in many different shapes and sizes.”

After the class teacher Kevin Werth said, “They were so engaged and asked great questions. It was a lot of fun.”

To understand Olivia’s excitement, or any other girl in this day camp, you have to look around at what the Western Oklahoma Girl Scout Council was able to build.

Director Shannon Evers says Girl Scouts across the state had a continuous input with engineers and architects on what what wanted.

“Girls have been involved with the design and the ideation of this facility from the very beginning,” she says.

Experts coupled their requests with the need for more girls to get involved with science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM for short.

“So they’re not opting out when they get to high school, college, or making career choices,” Evers continues.

A short tour of Camp Trivera included scout designs bunk rooms, three tree houses, a Thunder basketball court, amphitheater, pool for swimming and underwater robot testing.

That’s not to mention the climbing wall in the lunchroom or the zipline that, when complete, will be able to deposit girls at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Evers says, “This is a state of the art facility as far as the Girl Scouts are concerned.”

Near the entrance Shannon shows off a touch screen the girls are already picking up on how to use.

They call it the Wall of Women.

Pointing to a video that appears on the screen, Shannon describes, “This woman happens to have made a career out of studying bears.”

The screen and everything else on the property points the way to what might be an interesting career path right through these doors.

Go to the Camp Trivera website for more information.

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