OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – T.J. Josefy is not the kind of guy who can sit still for long.

“I’m going to do this regardless,” he states while firing up his welder.

His ideas just won’t leave him alone.

“I don’t know how not to do something,” he continues. “My mind is always creating something.”

Throwing a wrench into the machinery of his active mind doesn’t work either.

When a friend gave him a literal ton of factory reject wrenches, his inner wheels turned even faster.

“That’s part of the puzzle now too,” he smiles. “What can I make out of a tool?”

T.J. soon realized they made great shop hooks, and door handles.

He made candle holders, turtles, lots of little wrench dogs, and even a doggy gate to keep his pets out of the living room.

He chuckles, “That’s my life right now. Metal dust and dog hair.”

He fashioned a huge wrench chair that took hundreds of tools.

But his latest project will take even more.

A friend asked him to make a life size skeleton from wrenches.

Josefy explains, “Anytime you have to bend steel it’s a process. A skeleton has a lot of bent steel. The skull and ribs are all bent. That part is challenging but it you put enough fire to it you can bend anything.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve visited with Josefy.

Back in 2014 he was poking around the family farm near Grandfield, OK to make furniture from rusty items like combine teeth and hay rakes.

At the time he explained, “I built this stuff for myself because I had a house and it was empty.”

The creative mind tends to wander, but the industrious mind wants to build.

His house is still full of stuff he thought up and welded together, a chair made of basketball hoops, a hanging shelf that looks like a flying pterodactyl.

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On the drive sits an invention he hopes will fund his retirement, a crafters’ trailer that folds out so he doesn’t have to reach in.

Standing beside his trailer, T.J. demonstrates, “You’ll stand here, hold the controller, push a button and it will open.”

Josefy has always liked a good puzzle, and finding a solution that only someone like him could figure out.

‘Lefty Loosey, Righty Tightey’

Somehow it always comes together.

Josefy sells his wrench and farm machinery creations on Instagram and Facebook.

He also has a Facebook for his Crafty Cart trailer system.

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