This Oklahoma City inventor wanted a stronger convertible top for his daughter’s car. Then he started a company to sell them.

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- As a convertible owner for years, Roy Ramirez agrees there are some spring day that cry out for a top down approach to driving in Oklahoma.

He just got this new Buick and agreed to take a friend out for a spin, and for a story too.

"Have you always liked convertibles," asks his ride along?

"I have,' says Ramirez. "The first one I ever owned was an Alpine."

It's been more than 20 years since he bought his teenage daughter a 'rag top' to take to college.

She loved the idea, but he started to have second thoughts for her safety.

So Roy started thinking about how to make his soft top a little harder.

"I knew there was a need out there," he says.

He thought hard enough, and worked long enough on his idea to obtain four different patents.

Ramirez claims, "The product is unique in the fact that it's the only one like it in the entire world."

That idea: a top made with layers of kevlar and conductive fabric became Hard 2 Top Products Inc.

Ramirez says, "We're combining a metallized foil and electronics built into the alarm system along with a bullet resistant kevlar."

On the day we visited his shop they were testing their new patterns for the Porsche Boxster.

Other models they've already finished make for a roof that's really tough to cut through.

Try to stick something as small as a pin through and the car alarm goes off as well.

The Hard 2 Top company went into a partnership with the Kaw Nation of Oklahoma.

They set up a manufacturing plant in Ponca City.

Roy and his people aren't stopping with just convertibles either.

They have a plan to make Hard 2 Tops for pickup beds and even school backpacks.

Some days really are made for convertibles.

Thanks to a couple of decades of work, Roy thinks there might be lots of these kinds of 'hard to top' days ahead.

Hard 2 Top Products Inc. is already making convertible tops for Corvettes, Jaguar, Mazda Miata, Mercedes, and Porsche.

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