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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — The conference room table is laid out like it would be for a trade show, but to FSB President Philip McNayr and around 160 architects, engineers, designers and support staff, all this represents 75 years of company history.

From humble beginnings, FSB grew into one of the leading building designers and remodelers in the country.

You can look at the Oklahoma City skyline, the Oklahoma State Capitol, hospitals, schools, big airport hangars all over the world and see their proud fingerprints on the blueprints.

Any company like this would plan to celebrate its 75th year.

FSB published a book.

But that 75th year, this one, it was a doozy.

The offices emptied out in mid-March and stayed that way until June.

Meetings didn’t take place in regular conference rooms but on Zoom or Teams, all remote online.

For a company that relies on getting details right across the board, a new way of doing things took some adjustment.

So when they did get back together, Phil and a few other company officers actually had an in-person meeting to decide what to make of a calendar year they figured everyone would be talking about for years.

The answer is what lays on this table, pictures of projects including a big one still underway at the Oklahoma State Capitol, newspaper clippings of other projects, a company timeline.

Everyone brought in something.

Abbie Jordan saved a card with their guiding principles printed on it.

Structural engineer Min Koo included a coin commemorating the new Air Force One hangar they planned and worked on.

Greeting cards, hats, helmets, job site vests, thank you letters from students in their primary school STEM program.

It’s all going into a time capsule to be opened on the company’s 100th anniversary in 2045.

One of the items that’s also going in is a letter from Phil to future employees.

Part of it asks what things look like in the future.

The other part makes an attempt to explain what happened in 2020 and how in may have changed the world.

We’ll know in 25 years if we can get there.

FSB employees plan to keep their time capsule in the company lobby for a while until they can settle on a more permanent location.

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