Twelve feet in a year: A Guthrie boot maker tests her craft at calendar making

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GUTHRIE, Okla. -- You can think of 2018 as a long thread if you like, or maybe it's a really complicated boot stitch, which is more of Lisa Sorrell's speed.

"All of my stitching is done on this old Singer machine," she describes. "It's guided by me. No computer."

Over most of her adult life, she's been a custom boot maker, putting colorful art into what cowboys wear on their feet; bringing life to a surprisingly complicated task.

"I do think of every pair of my boots as a little child. The process is valuable because without that, most people don't understand how a pair of shoes or boots are made," Sorrell insists.

She makes fewer than 20 pair of boots per year. Each is a custom order, no two pair are alike.

We first met her back in 2000 as she balanced boot making with being a mom of two.

"I have dreams or visions of boots and that's how I get my designs," Lisa told us then.

It wasn't until this year that Lisa thought about putting her artwork on more than just feet.

"I've thought of doing a calendar before," she says, "and I just realized I had the material to do it."

Choosing from projects in 2018, January was pretty easy.

"It features a Phoenix rising from the ashes," she said.

She made a pair of boots based on an iconic album cover from 1959.

"The whole theme of Satan is Real and hellfire should go in August," she says.

December had a little red and green in the pattern.

Playing with pictures proved a nice diversion from stitching boots.

"For me, it was a very simple process to make the calendar because I am playing with images and photos all the time," Sorrell says.

Drawing from her experience as a boot maker, Lisa's unique shop also carries all kinds of tools and supplies for other shoe makers too.

From stitching time to lasting heels, 2019 will feature boots made for walking in style, all 12 months of it.

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