PAULS VALLEY, Okla. (KFOR) – Life is never a straight road.

Jacob Knight compares it to more of a bumpy trail where keeping your head up is important for safety reasons, and in determining your general outlook.

“It’s like an attitude and a way of life,” he advises.

The horses he helps out with are a short walk from his house in a residential neighborhood.

Jacob doesn’t really think of himself as a country boy, but between chores he’s always given a lot of thought to cowboy values like keeping promises, being tough but fair and doing what has to be done.

“It isn’t what you wear,” he states. “That’s 100 percent fact. It is who you are as a person.”

‘All hat and no cowboy’.

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Jacob Knight

He says, “We call it fake country.”

Jacob says there’s a lot of that going around, especially on social media.

“A lot of stuff we see now is hate,” he continues. “Hate here. Hate there. There’s not a lot of positivity.”

But his response is unique.

This high school junior came up with his own line of western wear that he insists emphasizes the courage to be different.

“We’re all a different breed. Everybody has a different personality, so we’re all twisted, I guess you could say.”

Knight and his junior partners in the Twisted Cowboys brand, including Ryleigh Whipple in Michigan, drew up a business plan, found a manufacturer in New Mexico, put up a website and got busy.

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Twisted Cowboys

But selling clothes is just a means to another end.

Jacob says his real goal is reaching out to kids who might have been bullied like he was, or who just need a little encouragement.

“Twisted Cowboys are all different,” Knight argues, “but we all have the same issues, if that makes sense.”

One sage from a set of cowboy ethics refers to riding for your brand as a sign of loyalty.

Twisted Cowboys wear it proudly.

No hate, just help.

For more information on the Twisted Cowboys brand, new in 2022, go to their website here, their Facebook here, their Instagram here or their TikTok here.